Arbiter Reputation and History

Given the importance of selecting a trustworthy Arbiter, the SmartPiggies app displays an on-chain history for the assigned Arbiter for any given contract

The SmartPiggies app tracks all contracts to which the the assigned Arbiter has been nominated, whether the Arbiter has acknowledged the nomination, whether the Arbiter has made price proposals, and what the price proposals were.

A user may review the on-chain history and determine for themselves whether an Arbiter has behaved in a way that is reliable and accurate.

Unless a user has a reason to trust an Arbiter, a user should avoid contracts with an arbiter that has a limited or questionable history.

In the future iterations of the platform, Arbiter services will be incentivized by fees and a good reputation will be important.

The historical behavior of the an assigned Arbiter may be reviewed in the 'Arbiter History' tab.

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