Table Dropdown

additional piggy information panels

As seen in the Explore Markets section, each piggy has additional information in the dropdown panels with can be seen by selecting the toggle to the left of the ID:

The dropdown panels include:

  • Charts

  • Details and Events

  • Advanced Functions

  • CounterParty Management

  • Arbiter History

  • CounterParty History

The Charts panel contains a historical price chart of the underlying inline with the payout triangle:

The Details and Events panel contains the contract details, auction details, and lifecycle details:

The Advanced Functions panel allows access to the Transfer, Split, and Burn functionality:

The Counterparty Management panel allows interested parties to engage in the arbitration process:

In this panel, a user can view all counterparty account addresses, and propose a settlement price for arbitration if an arbiter has been chosen.

The Arbiter History panel lists all arbitrations executed by the declared arbiter account.

The CounterParty History panel lists a history of all interactions performed by the accounts associated with the piggy:

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