Explore Markets

SmartPiggies view of available piggies for sale

The Explore Markets tab will show all piggies that are available for purchase.

If an Ethereum wallet is not connected to the application, the markets view is the only tab available. Note that piggies can only be purchased from the markets sections with a connected Ethereum wallet.

If a piggy has been created or requested, and put up for auction, that piggy will be listed on the markets page. The piggy market is a filtered view of the SmartPiggies smart contract listing piggies that are available to buy. The markets page is a view port of what is available to buy from the perspective of the signed in account. The markets page will not show piggies on auction from the signed in account.1^1

The markets view is organized in two sections, Available Contracts and Requested Contracts. Available contracts are all "real" piggies (piggies that have been created and collateralized) that are on auction, and available to be purchased by the signed in account.

Piggies listed in this section can be purchased by clicking the Buy button. This will create an on-chain transaction that will prompt a MetaMask confirmation modal. If the transaction completes successfully, the piggy will now list the transacting account as the holder.

Requested contracts are all contracts that are waiting to be filled with collateral, and on auction. We refer to these as Request For Piggy, or RFPs. All RFPs are listed in this section.

Piggies listed in this section can be purchased by clicking the Fill button. When the fill button is clicked, a MetaMask confirmation modal will display confirming the transaction. This transaction will confirm that the purchasing account will transfer the requested collateral to be deposited into the piggy2^2and become the owner of the piggy. The owner will the the underwriter of the piggy, supplying the collateral, and the requestor remains the holder. If the transaction completes successfully, the collateral will be transferred from the transacting account, and this account now has the premium assigned to it.3^3

Once a piggy has been successfully purchased, the piggy will show up in the account holder's dashboard.


  1. If you created a piggy (or requested one) and have put that piggy up for auction, you will not see this piggy listed on the markets page. These piggies are only piggies that are available to you, the signed in account. You cannot satisfy your own auction.

  2. Technically there is nothing deposited into any piggy, it is only an accounting update on the token contract defining the collateral.

  3. When an RFP is put up for auction, the requestor allocates a premium to compensate a counterparty to put up the requested collateral to create a piggy. This premium is held on behalf of the requestor and assigned to the SmartPiggies smart contract. When a fulfiller adds the requested collateral, the premium is assigned from the requestor to the fulfiller. This is internal accounting which takes place in the SmartPiggies contract. Once the transaction to fulfill a piggy is complete the fulfiller can withdraw the premium from the SmartPiggies smart contract.

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