Available oracles

Oracles, Resolvers, and Underlyings

The SmartPiggies app offers a handful of underlyings, but a limited and specific set. These have been tested, and each underlying requires a unique resolver to return the price of the underlying if the piggy is executed. Currently, SmartPiggies, supports its own oracles which fetch data when requested. As SmartPiggies requires certain features from an oracle, it is possible to use other oracles with SmartPiggies, if they execute in the way the SmartPiggies contract expects. If user would like more resolvers or the use of other oracle providers, please visit the SmartPiggies discord to make requests.

The following is a list of available resolvers that can be used on the SmartPiggies platform.

Arbitrum Mainnet Resolvers:

BTCUSD: 0xb839f1E75FCB54004b6287a30C534e9C922896fD

ETHUSD: 0xDAf2bb291F394f732308a760B8ce7D6d4F21a9ea

XAUUSD: 0xaa99B5424586B68ea89949E7685A0218D506bD5b

XAGUSD: 0x72Ee2614953A8Cd11DaCB377Af30320913B3A5d7

LINKUSD: 0xF6b33DE49eF37EFD2b5912Ec996b2E579983Aa30

Arbitrum Testnet Resolver:

ETHUSD: 0xA47FC1d98086bE75aa5d53971701D778C74cE201

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