Claim payout

Retrieving funds from SmartPiggies

There are a few ways in which a user may be owed funds from the SmartPiggies smart contract. If a writer creates a piggy that no one is interested in purchasing, the writer may burn that piggy, where by the collateral locked inside the piggy is assigned back to the writer. If a counterparty purchases a piggy on auction, the premium paid for the piggy is assigned to the seller. If a holder of a piggy executes the piggy pre or post maturity, and the holder is owed a payout that does not exceed the collateral locked in the piggy, both counterparties are owed an amount of the collateral.

In all of the circumstances above, collateral tokens are held by the SmartPiggies smart contract 1^1and assigned to the account of the owed party. If any party has an outstanding balance on the SmartPiggies smart contract, he or she can claim the balance, thereby reclaiming ownership rights of those tokens.

To claim a balance held on the SmartPiggies smart contract navigate to the Manage Wallet drop down menu. If the account does not have an outstanding balance, the default wallet menu is displayed. When the account does have an outstanding balance a claim button will appear:

Clicking the "Claim" button will initiate an on-chain transaction to transfer the tokens back to the connected account.


1 The SmartPiggies smart contract doesn't technically own or hold the tokens, but rather has ownership rights of a certain amount of tokens on the token smart contract.

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