Claiming payouts

Withdrawing the payouts from piggies

When it is time to extract your winnings, you can claim any payouts you have made from settled piggies. If you have a balance for any collateral token that balance will show up in the Manage Wallet menu:

In the above image, the connected account has a balance of 624.99 truffle tokens. Click on the Claim button 1^1 to withdraw the tokens.

A user may have a balance for multiple collateral tokens. For example, is a user had payouts on piggies that paid UCSD, and also payouts on piggies that paid DAI, the user will have a balance of USDC tokens and DAI tokens which will be visible in the Manage Wallet menu. In the above image, these balances would be listed under or in place of the truffle token balance. Note that is the connected account does not have a balance, the Claim button will not be visible. The Claim button is only visible if the account has a balance on the SmartPiggies smart contract.


  1. Click on the red Claim button in the example it says: "Claim $624.99." Click on that!

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