Table Dropdown

Market table dropdown panels

Each piggy listed in the Market sections has additional information available from the dropdown panel, activated from the toggle to the left of the piggy ID:

Each table row contains information regarding the specific piggy from the following tabs 1^1 :

  • Charts

  • Details and Events

  • Advanced Functions

  • CounterParty Management

  • Arbiter History

  • CounterParty History

Each of these tabs may contain information relevant in determining if the piggy is worth purchasing. For example the Charts tab lists historical price information aligned with the payout triangle of the piggy:

The Details and Events tab list information about the piggy and auction details:

These tabs are useful in understanding all primary and auxiliary information about a specific piggy up for auction, and may help determine if a piggy is the right choice for a perspective buyer, or fulfiller.


  1. See My Dashboard section for more information on each of these tabs.

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